District Boundary

Please follow the steps below to find out if you are in Oregon City School district:

  1. Visit the Clackamas County Tax Map Page.
  2. Type your address into the box under "Enter street address:". Make sure you enter your address accurately, checking both spelling and street numbers.
  3. When your address comes up click on the link that says view map.
  4. Your Tax Map should then display with all your lot and tax information to the left. Scroll down until you find school information (approximately middle of the page).
  5. If Oregon City High School does not show as the high school then you are probably not in our district. Most of the boundary information on this site, is fairly accurate. To make sure of your grade school and middle school information it is a good idea to look at the school boundary maps. If you are right on a boundary line, please feel free to call the transportation department and ask our Routing Specialist for assistance.