Field Trip Request


Requesting a Field Trip Bus

填写一个 Approval Request Form and get administrative approval at your school. 

  • The request must be filed with transportation ten (10) working days prior to the date of the field trip.
  • ​Administration Office approval is required if the trip mileage exceeds 80 miles and for trips out of state.

TripTracker 学校

  • Your Approver will check written trip requests on your Approval Request Form
  • Your assigned staff member will file the request with 运输 using the TripTracker web site.


  • When scheduling a field trip it is important to call 瑞秋 or 迷迭香 at 运输 to check and see if a bus is available.
  • If that date is available you will be penciled in on the Field Trip 信誉菠菜论坛.

Bus Availability:

  • 45之间.m. 1:30 p.m. Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
  • 45之间.m. 12:30 p.m. 结婚
  • 五点后p.m. 工作日
  • all day on Saturday and Sunday


The safety of your pupils is in your bus driver's hands. This requires that the driver's attention be on the road at all times. The behavior and discipline of the students is the responsibility of the teachers and chaperones. We ask your cooperation in preventing loud or excessive noise and in maintaining good bus discipline according to the 规则 as established by the Oregon Board of Education that are posted in each bus.

Please see that your students are ready to return to the bus at the scheduled time. A bus returning late from a field trip is then late on its' entire afternoon route.

It is the intent of the transportation department, 和你的司机, for your field trip to be fun and enjoyable.




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