The Operations Departments provide facility services, nutrition services, technology support, transportation, safety risk managementcommunity education services to all locations in the Oregon City School District. Our goal is support the educational goals of the district by providing effective, 非常高效。, 和 excellent service to the students, staff 和 patrons of the District. 

Below you will find who makes up the Operations Team:


  • Interim Assistant Superintendent: Dr. 莎拉Deboy
  • Director of Operations 和 Capital Projects: Michael Sweeten
  • Director of Communications & 社区 Partnerships: Lisa Norm和


  • Data Management: Heather Prouty
  • Capital Projects: Jenny Lamm
  • Facilities/Custodial: Eric Peterson
  • Facilities/Maintenance: Mike Riseling
  • 营养 Services: Jeff Ralston
  • Risk Management, 安全 和 SRP: Gail Lockard
  • 技术: David Klusmann 
  • Transportation: Teresa Brinsfield
  • Student Services: Todd Nicholson & Melissa Berg
  • 社区 Education: C和ice Henkin