This section of the Oregon City School District website is intended to provide teachers resources for curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the area of science. Teachers work in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to analyze and respond to student work, which may adjust pacing. This page also includes links to resources for families to continue at home learning. We are adding resources over time, so check back for more.


For Staff

Elementary Curriculum:

Middle School Curriculum: IQWST

6th Grade Units  

  • Can I believe my eyes? (PS1)
  • How does water shape my world? (ES1)
  • What makes weather change? (ES2)
  • What's going on inside me? (LS2) How can I smell things from a distance? (IC1)

7th Grade Units

  • How can I make new stuff from old stuff? (IC2)
  • How is Earth changing? (ES3)
  • Where have all the creatures gone? (LS1)

8th Grade Units

  • Why do organisms look the way they do? (LS3)
  • Why do some things stop while others keep going? (PS2)
  • How will it move? (PS3)
  • How does food provide my body with energy? (IC3)